2012 Photo Contest Winners

People Category

Photographer: Donna Kettleson
Title: "Hikers' Line Dance"
Date taken: Sunday, Aug.05, 2012
Event: Twin Lakes Sunday Hike
Description: There were roughly 39 people out on this hike - one was visiting from South America and another from Europe. In this particular photo, there are 30 people visible.


Scenic Category

Photographer: Jacquey Winchester
Title: "Phew! Heading down!"
Date taken: Sunday, August 19, 2012 - hot, sunny day!
Event: Balu Pass (Rogers Pass) hike
Description: Balu means "bear" and the trail passes through grizzly territory; there are times when the trail is closed or is limited to groups of six or more. Trail gains approximately 800 metres to a height of just over 2,000 metres. The National Parks trail switchbacks through forest initially; then crosses slide paths, along handmade stone steps and then more switchbacks all open to the heat and beautiful 360 degree views.


Miscellaneous Category

Photographer: Mike Moore
Title: "Bloomin’ Pricklies"
Date taken: June 20, 2012
Event: Enderby Cliffs trail clearing
Description: Photo taken during a trail clearing day. Enderby Cliffs is one of the best places to view Prickly Pear Cactus bloom.


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