Self Guided Cycle Conditioning Routes

Compliments of George and Sharon Reid.

Ride #1 - Okanagan Landing - Approximate distance 10KM

  • Start at OK Landing Plaza on OK Landing Rd.
  • From Plaza turn left on OK Landing Rd. to OK Ave.
  • Turn right on OK Ave. & follow OK Ave. until it intersects OK Landing Road again. Turn left on OK Landing Rd. back to OK Landing Plaza.

Ride #2 - Kukuli Bay - Approximate distance 15KM

  • Start @ Polson Park.
  • Follow park path across wood walk to Kalamalka Rd;
  • Turn right on Kalamalka Lake Rd. & follow to Westcal Rd;
  • Turn right on Westcal Rd. and follow to intersection of Stoneridge Dr. & Kickwillie Loop;
  • Turn left on Stoneridge Drive to Watson Drive;
  • Turn right on Watson Dr. to Pope Drive;
  • Turn right on Pope & go to the park;
  • Turn left thru the park & left on Lakeview Dr;
  • Follow Lakeview to end, then you will have to climb a path to Kalamalka Lakeview Dr;
  • Turn left on Kal. Lakeview Dr. & follow to Kukuli Bay boat launch;
  • Return on Kal. Lakeview to just past lookout & cross Hwy 97 to Clerke Rd;
  • Follow Clerke Rd. to edge of DND grounds then follow bike path to 16th Ave.;
  • Turn left on 16th to 33rd St.
  • Turn right & follow 33rd to 25th Ave. & Polson Park.

Ride # 3 - Buchanan Rd. - Approximate distance 20KM

  • Start @ Friesens on Kal. Road;
  • From Friesens turn right @ follow Kal. Rd. to HWY 6;
  • Turn left on Hwy 6 to Grey Rd.
  • Turn right on Grey Rd. to Buchanan Rd.
  • Turn right & follow Buchanan until it just about intersects Hwy 6.
  • Turn around & follow Buchanan back past Grey Rd. to Aberdeen Rd.
  • Follow Aberdeen Rd. to Kal. Rd.
  • Turn left on Kal. Rd. & back to Friesens.

Ride #4 - O'Keefe Ranch - Approximate distance 25KM

  • Start @ O'Keefe Ranch.
  • From Ranch turn right on Hwy 97 to Otter Lake Rd.
  • Turn right on Otter Lake Rd. @ follow to St. Annes Rd.
  • Follow St. Annes Rd. back to HWy 97.
  • Turn right & follow HWY 97 to Grandview Flats Rd. North.
  • Turn right on Grandview Flats Rd. North & follow until it intersects with Otter Lake Rd.
  • Turn right on Otter Lake Rd. & follow back to Hwy 97 and O'Keefe Ranch.
  • (There are several side roads to go up and back to add to your distance if desired).

Ride #5 - Commonage & Marshall Fields - Approximate distance 30KM

  • Start @ Army Camp parking lot.
  • Make your way thru the Army Camp to Commonage Rd.
  • Turn left on Commonage Rd. & follow to OK landing Bench Rd.
  • Turn right on OK Landing Bench Rd. & follow to OK Landing Rd.
  • Turn right on OK Landing Rd. & follow to Cummins Rd.
  • Turn left on Cummins Rd. & follow to just before Lakers Golf course club house.
  • Turn right & follow trail thru Marshall Fields until back to Ok Landing Rd.
  • Turn left & follow OK Landing Rd. to Allenby Way;
  • Then turn left & follow Allenby Way to Bella Vista Rd.
  • Turn left & follow Bella Vista Rd. until it intersects Tronson.
  • Turn left on Tronson & follow past Kin Beach to Lakeshore Rd.
  • Follow Lakeshore Rd to OK Landing Rd.
  • Cross OK Landing Rd. to OK Ave.
  • Follow OK Ave. to 33rd St.
  • Turn right on 33rd St. & up to DND parking lot.

Ride #6 - Turtle Bay Pub - Approximate distance 35KM (one way)

This ride requires vehicles at Turtle Bay Pub to return to start. Alternative is a 70km return ride.

If you want to eat phone the Pub and find out what day their specials are and plan accordingly.

  • Start at Bailey Rd. (just before Predator Ridge Golf course coming from Vernon on Commonage Rd. There is lots of parking near the mail boxes - do not block the boxes!)
  • Follow Commonage Rd. past Predator & Lone Pine to Cars Landing Rd.
  • Turn right on Cars Landing Rd. & follow to OK Centre Rd. (There is a good stop @ Kopje Park)
  • Turn left on OK Centre Rd. to OK Centre East Rd.
  • Turn right on OK Centre East Rd. & follow to Berry Rd.
  • Turn left on Berry Rd. & follow Berry Rd. across Hwy 97 to Bottom Wood Lake Rd.
  • Turn left and follow Bottom Wood Lake Rd. to Woodsdale Rd.
  • Turn left on Woodsdale Rd. & follow to Turtle Bay Pub.