Maintained Hiking Trails

The following trails are maintained by the club on an "as needed" basis and usually just prior to a club scheduled hike. Other groups also do some maintenance on a few of these trails.

Special thanks to George Reid, Al Johnson, Fred Takagi and George Ferguson who are a regular part of the Trail Clearing crew along with Fred Swirp, Colin Baxter , Donna Ferguson and anyone else who have been coming out to help out. Also, special thanks to Wally Florkevich and his crew who always seem to be "out there" making and clearing snowshoe and summer trails.

NOTE: many of these trails are described in our North Okanagan hiking trails book.

  • Aberdeen Lake trails
  • Baldy and the Rimrocks
  • Bluenose
  • Blackwell Lake
  • Camels Hump (maintained if access road is useable)
  • Cougar Canyon
  • Denison/Bonneau
  • Estekwalan
  • High Rim Trail - south section - Goudie to Philpott Roads
  • Kaiser Bill Lake trails
  • Little White Mt. (maintained if access road is useable)
  • Monashee Lake
  • Mt. Beaven
  • Nelson Mt.
  • Pinnacles Lake
  • Ravine Edge
  • Rose and Swanson
  • Shannon Woods Bluff (West Kelowna area)
  • Shorts Creek Canyon Rim
  • Sugarloaf
  • Tahaetkun Mt.
  • Tuktakamin Mt.
  • Twin Lakes
  • Vidler Ridge (maintained if access road is useable)
  • Vista Pass
  • Yeoward

Spring 2013

Even the President helps clear trails! Valerie M. clearing the Blue Nose trail April 2013

Val M. clearing Blue Nose Trail April 2013

Trail Clearing Is A Blast!

During 2012 VOC members lined up in droves to be part of the trail clearing action. How often do you get a chance carry a chain saw and  stumble along a trail laden with trees, shrubs and moose droppings with three or four other people just like yourself ? Well, now you too have that opportunity.

What does the VOC Trail Clearing Crew do ? Aside from cutting and clearing trees of 'almost' any size from the trail, they have been known to build bridges, create detours, fill-in holes, flag or mark trails, slash and clear away underbrush (sometimes 'bonsai' trees along the way). Generally, they try to make your hiking experience a safe and pleasant one. Are they paid? No, but the driver does receive 'mileage' for the use of their vehicle, the chain saws are supplied with gas and oil, and the odd tune-up or repair, and we are gradually adding more  clearing and safety equipment to our 'collection' with help, of course, from your membership dues.

The pictures below were taken in June and, although there were fewer trees this year than usual, some were rather large and the weather was chilly. The crews have cleared trails with up to 70 trees lying on the path (notably Shorts Creek Canyon and Rose-Swanson Mountain). They do try not fall trees (too dangerous). A typical clearing day can easily be 6 to 8 hours long including driving time from town and much longer if the trail are in the Monashee Mountains.

George Reid,
Trail Clearing Coordinator

June 06, 2012 High Rim Trail Clearing

Your membership fees at work on the High Rim Trail clearing session on June 6, 2012 east of Kelowna. From the left are FRED TAKAGI, AL JOHNSON and GEORGE FERGUSON trying to keep warm.


GEORGE FERGUSON leaving only footprints on the High Rim Trail on June 6, 2012


Let snow, let it snow, let it snow… FRED TAKAGI and AL JOHNSON walking the plank on the High Rim Trail on June 6. 2012.


And the winner is… MIGHTY MIKE MOORE clears a 'small one' on the High Rim Trail on June 6, 2012.

2012 July 04 Estekwalen Trail Clearing

Trail Crew: George Ferguson, Fred Takagi, Al Johnson, and Colin Baxter

Fred Takagi at the end of his rope! And you thought you had trouble getting down... Try doing it with a chainsaw! Al Johnson waiting below to catch the chainsaw if Fred falls.
Photo: Colin Baxter


2012 May 05 Sugarloaf Trail Clearing

Trail Crew: George Ferguson & Colin Baxter

George Ferguson + small saw VS one big tree!
Photo: Colin Baxter

2010 May 19 Shorts Creek Canyon Rim Trail

Trail Crew: George Reid, George Ferguson, Al Johnson and Colin Baxter

Lots of work this year! This trail always has the most windfalls and the photos are typical of what the trail clearing crew deals with every year.

Saw master George Reid.
Photo: Colin Baxter

Al Johnston, George Reid, George Ferguson.
Photo: Colin Baxter

Al Johnston, George Reid.
Photo: Colin Baxter

2009 July 15 Monashee Lake Trail Clearing

Trail crew: George Reid, George Ferguson, Al Johnson, Fred Swirp and Colin Baxter.

We encountered the aftermath of 2 very big avalanches which had come down during the 2008/2009 winter which had covered the trail with snow and debris to a considerable depth.

Fred Swirp, Al Johnston, George Ferguson, George Reid.
Photo: Colin Baxter

George Ferguson and George Reid taking a lunch break on one of the avalanche paths.
Photo: Colin Baxter

Fred Swirp, George Ferguson, Al Johnston, George Reid in background.
Photo: Colin Baxter