Activity leader information

PLEASE NOTE: Leaders have the right to refuse to include anybody in your activity if, in your opinion, they are (for example) inadequately equipped or physically unfit.

At the meeting place:

  • Ensure everyone signs the sign-in sheet (includes Club and Land Owner liability waiver);
  • Introduce yourself, describe the day's activity and equipment needed for the weather conditions. ** Remind people they MUST have above the ankle hiking boots**;
  • Choose a SWEEP. Make sure everybody knows who it is and what the Sweep will be doing! Leaders and Sweeps carry radios for safety use, route confirmation, etc. and to see them if you have a concern;
  • Emphasize that everyone MUST remain behind the LEADER and in front of the SWEEP;
  • Remind participants to tell someone when leaving the trail for a "nature call";
  • Point out that if a person DOES get separated from the group to stay put; an individual is much easier to find if they remain on the trail and refrain from wandering off;
  • Optional: When appropriate, explain about the possibility of ticks and how to deal with them;
  • Optional: mention coffee stop after the activity is ended;
  • Explain the driving route to the starting-point of the actual activity; provide a map where necessary;
  • Mention the suggested carpool gratuity amount (listed on event schedule) and that everybody is encouraged to pay. Point out that it is not paid to the driver until the activity is completed (again, insurance reasons - we are not Taxi Drivers!);
  • Ask if anybody needs a ride and help set that up;
  • Ask for count of number of drivers.

At the trail head:

  • Do a head count and compare to sign-in sheet. Check for additional participants who may have driven there direct and get them to sign-in.
  • Remind people the activity will take place at the pace of the average participant.
  • Ask sweep to do a head count as people enter trail.