Activity co-leader (Sweep) information

  • As SWEEP make sure everybody knows who you are and what the Sweep will be doing! Leaders and Sweeps carry radios for safety use, route confirmation etc.
  • If the Leader requests you to, ask if anybody needs a ride and help set that up; mention the suggested hiking and rambling carpool gratuity (posted on individual schedule sheets) and which everybody is encouraged to pay; point out that it is not paid to the driver until the activity is completed (again, insurance reasons - we are not Taxi Drivers!)
  • During the activity, emphasize that everyone MUST remain behind the LEADER and in front of the SWEEP.
  • Each person will be asked to tell someone for those times when leaving the trail for a "nature call"; if a person DOES get separated from the group, he or she must stay put; an individual is much easier to find if they refrain from wandering off.
  • The activity will take place at the pace of the average participant.
  • When appropriate, explain about the possibility of ticks and how to deal with them.