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Vernon Outdoors Club organizes hiking and cycling camp outs every year to give members the opportunity to explore areas too distant for day trips. Camp out locations are selected to give a wide variety of outdoor activities close to a variety of accommodation from simple tent camping to  hotels or other fixed roof accommodation. Camp outs usually include fun and social activities in addition to great outdoor adventures.  As camp outs are multi-day activities you need to be a member of the club to attend.

Our cycling campout will be held in Oliver, BC from September 10th to 13th.  It will include cycling trips and hikes in the south Okanagan.  The 2018 cycling camp will be based in the Lakeshore Resort in Oliver, BC.   The first full day of activities is 10th September (check in on the 9th or arrive very early!) and everything wraps up on the 14th of Sept.  See below for full details.

Our hiking campout will be held from August 13th to 17th in Banff, AB which offers an outstanding range of hiking opportunities. See below for full details.

Cycling Campout

2018 Bike Camp in Oliver, September 9 to September 14

Wheels, Wine and Wonder

This year’s bike camp will explore the varied terrain of the South Okanagan. From our home base at the Lakeside Resort in Oliver we will head out in all directions and participants will be able to choose rides which suit their level of interest and/or ability.

Four of the days will offer rides in the short (25-40 km.) range or more moderate (40-55 km.) range which are suitable for mountain or hybrid bikes. More challenging rides will be offered to those with road bikes. In addition, there will be one day set aside to explore the many wonders of the area including the many award winning wineries. Daily hikes led by Dave Petitclerc will provide an alternative to the rides. There is also a golf course located within walking distance of the resort. As is the tradition we will have a BBQ and group salad night, a pancake breakfast, a round-robin bocce tournament, and a wine and cheese tasting night.

This year’s Bike Camp coordinator is Jenny McDonell and any questions can be directed to her. For information about the Lakeside Resort please consult their website, thelakesideresort.com. A detailed itinerary will be sent to participants in mid August. Please let Jenny know if you plan on attending but have not booked into the Resort yet or will be staying in alternate accommodations.

Hiking Campout

Vernon Outdoors Club Hiking Campout 2018

Location: Banff

Hiking Dates: Monday, August 13, 2018 to Friday, August 17, 2018 inclusive (ie five days of hiking)

Who Can Attend?: All members of VOC

Detailed Information Package:

A detailed information package is available which includes a one page summary of the campout and activities, as well as detailed map pages to assist you in getting to the trailheads. And of course, the mandatory information about hiking in the backcountry to get yourself prepared.


Although we have determined a number of hikes in the area, we would like to have an idea of who plans to attend the campout in order to determine appropriate levels of hikes. Please email one of the Committee Members with your intentions (see end of page for contact information), including hike suggestions and/or willingness to lead. We hope to keep the driving to the start of the hikes to a minimum. Further details of the hikes will be announced in the spring.


Fixed Roof

We suggest that those who prefer to stay in a hotel/hostel, etc., book ASAP as Banff gets booked early and availability could be limited.

Trailers, Tenters, oTENTiks

The two suggested sites are:

- Tunnel Mountain Village II which has electricity ONLY; it is suitable for trailers, and tenters. oTENTiks are also offered.

- Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court which has FULL services; this is immediately east of Village II

We recommend trying to book the “A” areas in either site which are adjacent.

BOOKING: We believe that booking opens at 8:00 am MST on WEDNESDAY,

January 10, 2018 through www.reservation.pc.gc.ca . Please check this website

for updates on booking date from mid-December on.

Park Pass

A National Park pass is required for the duration of your stay.

Social Activities

Social activities, which may include happy hours, BBQ night and dinner out, will

be announced in the spring.

Contact Committee Members for Information:

Val McDougall

Lynne Moore

Dave Petitclerc

Jacquey Winchester