Cougar Canyon Hike

Hiking Trail Information

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Cougar Canyon Hike Description

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Hike distance                     7.5 km round trip                             Altitude gain                      387 m

Hiking time                         4.5  hrs round trip                            Max altitude                      755 m

Difficulty                              Moderate

Caution:  Although a great family hike, this hike is not recommended for young children due to steep drop-offs at Cougar Canyon.

The hike is described starting from the Cougar Canyon Climbers’ Parking Area in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Parl . From the parking area head East (uphill) under the powerlines for about 200m, and just around a small rock bluff find some flagging where you turn uphill. At the beginning the trail is poorly defined, but after 150m uphill you should be able to follow a well-defined trail. After 1.5 km you will climb a short steep section onto a rock bluff, where there may be some ropes to assist as handhelds.   Use the rope entirely at your own risk.  Once on top, take a break and enjoy the excellent views over Kalamalka Lake.

Continue SW over the rock bluff, and descend steeply through a small gorge back into the forest. Continue along the trail until you reach the north rim of Cougar Canyon where there is a steep drop off. Be careful around the edge to not dislodge any rocks, as there are often climbers on the rockwalls below.

Follow the trail to the right down the slope until you come at a T-Junction. Turn left and follow the trail along the west side of the canyon. This area is for exploring the great vistas into the steep canyon, as well as over Kalamalka Lake. At the very end of the trail system is a bench, which is a great resting area.

Make your way back to the T-junction and now follow the left fork downhill back towards the parking lot. Eventually you will end up on an old road which soon takes you back to the parking lot.   This is a good hike in the early spring or late fall due to the relatively low elevation.

Note: use of these directions is entirely at the risk of the user.






Driving Directions – Cougar Canyon Hike

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The hike starts from the parking lot for the climbing area in Kalamalka Provincial Park, in the Cosens Bay area.Detailed directions to the trailhead follow:

  • From Vernon drive East on Hwy 6
  • Turn right at the traffic lights onto Aberdeen Road.  This is the intersection where the RDNO office is located.
  • At T-junction turn left (East) onto Kalamalka Lake Road
  • After 200m turn right onto Coldstream Creek Road.  Signposted for Kal Lake Provincial Park.
  • Take second left onto Cosens Bay Road (sharp left turn).  Signposted for Kal Lake Provincial Park.
  • Follow pavement until you enter Kalamalka Provincial Park
  • Follow the gravel road through the park for about 4km, after which you see a small road on the left heading into the Cougar Canyon Climbers Parking Area

Note: use of these directions is entirely at your own risk