COVID-19 Management Guidelines for the Vernon Outdoors Club (VOC)

(In effect July 5, 2020, and last updated May 3, 2022, subject to any changes to the BC Provincial Health Office COVID-19 management guidelines)

In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure, the club has developed the following guidelines that must be adhered to by all participants:


  1. Activities in 2022 will be open to members, and guest participants. All participants in a VOC scheduled activity must be vaccinated against Covid-19. Guests must pay a $5 fee to the VOC, to be collected by the leader, and sign a waiver for insurance purposes.
  2. In BC there are currently no restrictions regarding outdoor gatherings such as offered by the VOC.  As a Club, we have endeavoured to follow Provincial guidelines and will continue to do so in combination with respecting the needs of our membership.  As such, the Club no longer requires members to isolate or restrict their Club participation after returning from out of country travel.  We do ask each member to self-evaluate their health, potential recent exposures and be respectful of other members health and comfort level.  When uncertain, err on the side of caution when deciding to take part in a VOC activity.
  3. There will be no sign-up sheet passed around at the meeting place, and participants must pre-register with the leader for an event by email. This should occur no later than 7 p.m. two evenings before the event, or as noted on the calendar. Please notify the leader if you must cancel.
  4. The leader will state on the website calendar whether to meet in the regular meeting place, or at the trail head, or starting point for the cycling. Directions to the latter will be provided in the event calendar.
  5. Carpooling is good for the environment, but is at the member’s discretion to participate in. Please bring a mask and wear it if asked to do so.
  6. We are here to have fun but let us all do our part and respect people’s space during the pandemic.


Updated May 3, 2022 (RvZ)