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Cycling Footnotes

  • Meeting place: Unless noted in event, North end of VERNON CURLING CLUB parking lot, 3400 39th Avenue (near downtown Recreation Complex).
  • DEPARTURE TIME indicated on the Schedule is the time we LEAVE the meeting place. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the time listed.
  • At the discretion of the Leader, routes may be altered for whatever reason, (weather, road conditions, construction, etc.) Please be prepared and flexible.
  • All cyclists MUST wear a helmet.
  • All cyclists must bring adequate clothing for expected and UNEXPECTED weather conditions. Please dress as brightly as possible.  Motorists have often commented that they can't see those of us dressed in black, grey, dull colours.  Huge safety factor!!
  • All cyclists must bring water and picnic lunch unless otherwise noted.
  • Repair kits, especially spare tire tubes should be carried. Personal first aide supplies should also be carried.
  • Riding discipline: All cyclists must maintain good group bike riding discipline. Riders must remain together and in visual contact. The leader is to be informed of any departures or deviations from the riding group activity.

PLEASE NOTE: Check the VOC cycle calendar carefully for start times/location/details as this will vary from week to week.

Rating Difficulty Key:

 A  Leisurely            < 35 km.    15 km/hour         Frequent stops      Mainly flat terrain

 B  Intermediate    35-50 km.    15-20 km/hour    Occasional stops  Flat to rolling terrain, some climbs

 C  Advanced          >50 km.     20-25 km/hour    Limited stopping   Hilly with some steeper climbs   

 See the Contact page for current Thursday Bike Ride coordinators