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Calendar Printing Help

Calendars can be printed in two different layouts, Month or Agenda, which are found at top right corner of the calendar.

The 'Month' view will print each month individually. The 'Agenda' view will print a simple list of events. Clicking the "Look for more" link will extend the list of events to a future date.


Our group rides are on THURSDAYS and include both road and gravel trail rides.  We do not generally tackle downhill mountain bike trails.  Routes are generally close to the North Okanagan, with the exception of the yearly camp out, which can be further afield.

The focus of rides is enjoyment, exercise, and camaraderie.  Our rides are geared for cyclists who have experience on public roads and/or gravel trails (as appropriate to the route of the day) and a moderate level of endurance.  Most days we offer a choice of two rides - a shorter, slower paced ride (identified as SHORT on the calendar) and a longer, generally quicker paced ride with fewer stops (identified as LONG on the calendar). 

Each ride is described in the CALENDAR tab of this website, where you will find the rides of the day, distances, difficulty rating, leader’s name and contact information, meeting spot (this varies so riders generally drive themselves) and lunch location.

If you’re unsure whether or not a particular ride is right for you, please contact the leader to discuss.  Generally, routes start out easier in the spring, and then become more challenging as the season progresses.

RIDE RATINGS (degree of difficulty):

A  Leisurely      < 35 km       15 km/hr        Frequent stops    Mainly flat terrain

B  Intermediate  35-50 km  15-20 km/hr  Occasional stops  Flat to rolling terrain, some hills

C  Advanced     >50 km       20-25 km/hr  Limited stopping   Hilly with some steeper climbs


  • Click once on the appropriate calendar event (either SHORT or LONG) to read general and specific information for the day scrolling and/or
  • click once on more details (bottom left) to show all details
  • at the end is the appropriate .pdf document showing the map and cue sheet; this can be printed.


This is for those who wish to use technology to view rides on their computer or tablet and/or follow routes on cellphones.


All the VOC rides are created in the program called Ride with GPS (RWGPS), where they are called Routes and each route incorporates a map and cue sheet. 

The RWGPS Routes have then been saved as .pdf documents which are uploaded to each calendar entry so that members can view the appropriate ride prior to the calendar date, as noted above.

The RWGPS Routes are accessible to you through a Ride with GPS App on your cellphone AND on your computer/tablet through a Ride with GPS account.

Depending on what you would like to do, you can select one of three options for an account with RWGPS. 

FREE account:  allows you to view the route and follow it on your cellphone, seeing the directions at the top of your screen.  Cue sheets are NOT included in this level of membership.

BASIC account:  there is a choice of paying monthly or annually.  Cue sheets are included.

PREMIUM account:  there is a choice of paying monthly or annually.  Cue sheets are included.


  • prices are in US $
  • with either of the paid accounts, your cellphone or Garmin will speak to you providing directions as you cycle.
  • when searching for a VOC route in RWGPS, it is essential to use the specific name of the route as shown on the calendar event OR title when opening the .pdf document.


Safety is emphasized.  To that end:

  • cycling helmets are MANDATORY on all club outings
  • for their own and other road users' safety, cyclists will be expected to observe all road regulations and cycle in single file when on public roads or highways. 
  • cyclists must maintain good group bike riding discipline (use of hand signals, safe passing on the left only, single file)  Riders must remain together and in visual contact.  If for any reason a cyclist needs to leave a group, the cyclist must discuss with the leader or sweep and be aware that they are then no longer considered part of the group.
  • cyclists are strongly encouraged to equip their bike with a rear view mirror, lights (front and back) and wear eye protection, even on dull days (a bee in the eye at speed hurts!)
  • bright clothing is encouraged.  Motorists have told us that they don’t always see us if dressed in grey, black, dull colours.  So go flashy, dress as brightly as possible.
  • make sure that your bike is in good working order.


  • a bike in good repair, with properly inflated tires, fully charged battery, if appropriate.  Tires slowly lose pressure day to day, poorly inflated tires will drag you down.
  • adequate (and bright) clothing for expected and unexpected weather changes. Rain gear and sunscreen are always good to have. 
  • adequate water, nutritious snacks and a picnic lunch.
  • bike repair kit (at least 1-2 spare inner tubes, small pump, and tire irons)
  • personal first aid kit (what you would want/need for minor injuries, road rash, headache, allergies, etc.)
  • cell phone (the leader will provide their own cellphone number before the ride begins for safety purposes)
  • please carry on your person or in bike bag personal health ID (emergency contact number, Health Insurance number) 
  • copy of the day’s route in .pdf format or have the ability to use technology to follow the route.


All rides are listed on the cycling calendar under the website CALENDAR tab.  We typically begin cycling at the very end of March or the first week of April until the end of June, starting up again the first week of September until the end of October.

Make sure to recheck the calendar the day of the ride as unexpected circumstances (weather, road construction, etc) may have necessitated changes.  Also, on the morning of the ride, please re-check your email in case of CANCELLATION or important updates.  Please be prepared to be flexible.

*** FOOTNOTE:  Please read GENERAL INFO FOR ALL ACTIVITIES under the RESOURCES tab regarding your responsibilities, leaders, guests, use of alcohol/smoking, registering.