Kekuli Bay Ride #3 12Kekuli Bay Ride #3 12


Our group rides include both road and gravel trail rides.   We do not generally tackle downhill mountain bike trails.   Routes are generally close to the North Okanagan, with the exception of the camp out, which can be further afield.  See the cycling calendar for destinations and departure times.  Where is the cycling meeting place??

Bring everything to make your outdoor experience enjoyable and safe. This may include food, water, extra snacks and water, spare bicycle tube and pump, GPS or map.  Depending on the route and forecast weather bring appropriate clothing (rain gear when necessary), sunscreen, etc.


The focus of rides is enjoyment, exercise and camaraderie.  Our rides are geared for cyclists who have  experience biking on public roads and/or gravel trails (as appropriate to the route of the day) and a moderate level of endurance.   Each ride is described on the calendar,  trail type noted (asphalt or gravel)  and rated for level of difficulty and distance. 

If you're unsure if a particular ride is right for you, contact the leader to discuss.  Some rides may be more leisurely and some more focused on speed and exercise – this will be indicated on the calendar, along with the leader’s email/phone  is listed on calendar.  Generally routes start out easier in the spring and get more challenging as the season proceeds.

Cycling helmets are mandatory on club outings. Eye protection is recommended, even on dull days.  A bee in eye at speed hurts! For your own & other road users’ safety,  observe all road regulations and cycle in single file and please make sure your bike is in good working order!