Denison & Bonneau Lake Hike

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Denison & Bonneau Lake Hike Description


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Hike distance                     9.9 km round trip                             Altitude gain                      290 m

Hiking time                         5  hrs round trip                                Max altitude                      1580 m

Difficulty                              Moderate                                           Topo Map                           82/L2


Denison Lake is situated just up from a rim surrounded by basalt columns. The outflow of the lake is a small brook that flows over the rim in a spectacular drop to the slopes below. Just above the outflow one can climb up onto a rock pile and gain some spectacular views towards the Monashee mountains in the distance.

Note: There is no signage of the Provincial Park until you have walked up the spur road and have entered the park. For more information on the Denison-Bonneau Lake Provincial Park visit:

Starting out from the trail head, walk up the old spur for about 2.5 km to where a trail takes off to the right. This is where the return trail joins back in. Continue for a short distance on the old spur and just before the old road starts to climb steeply, you will see another trail on your right. Turn right and you are now on the southern part of the loop. After about 700m you come to a junction where you turn left and continue towards Denison Lake. (On your return you take the other fork). Another 400m brings you to the bridge over Creighton Creek.

Note: Just before the bridge, towards the left, is a less-travelled trail that heads to Bonneau Lake.

Cross the bridge and head up the hill where you soon find yourself crossing a swampy area where careful balancing on old logs may be required. Once at the lake there are some picnic areas. The trail continues along the lakeshore to the outlet creek, which after about 150m drops as a waterfall over a steep cliff. Above the creek is a rock pile that offers nice views and is a good spot to relax.

Return using the same trail, but at the junction, 400m past the bridge, turn left for an alternate route down. This route is more open and follows some interesting rock pile areas after which it joins the old road again. Follow the road down to the parking area.

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Driving Directions –Denison & Bonneau Lakes Trailhead

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  • Drive East from Vernon on Hwy.6 towards Lumby
  • At the traffic lights for Hwy 6 and 15th Street in Vernon set your odometer to zero
  • Continue East on Hwy.6 through Lumby
  • At 24.5 km turn right onto Creighton Valley Road
  • At 40.2 km (17km sign) turn right onto Bonneau Lake FSR
  • At 46.7 km (6.5km on Bonneau FSR) is an old spur road on the right, which has a deep cross-ditch at the start. This is the trail head for Denison Lake.
  • Alternatively, if you have several vehicles, another 400m further on the Bonneau FSR is a larger parking area from which there is an old road that hooks you back to the spur heading to Denison Lake. -It is also possible to drive in closer to Bonneau Lake using different spurs.


Use of these directions is entirely at your own risk.