Vernon Outdoors Club Hiking Trails

As a community service, we are proud to offer a selection of our favourite hiking trails.  We’ve tried to select our favourite trails centred on Vernon for easy access.  This information replaces our old printed Hiking Book, which was becoming too costly to maintain and print.

If you find this information useful please join our club and participate.  It’s a lot of fun!

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Hiking Trail Information

In the table below we have included links to more detailed information about some of our hikes. For these hikes you’ll find a description of the hike, driving directions from Vernon to get to the trail head and a map of the hike.   You can download each section and print it as needed.

VOC hikes are located throughout the Okanagan, in the Monashees and as far afield as Kamloops and Revelstoke. While the VOC clears some of these hikes, some are maintained (if at all) by others. In all instances you are asked to stay on the trail, respect the land, leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures. 

hiking trails dec 2022hiking trails dec 2022

Hiking Trail



Hike Time (Return)



Trail Description 
Bluenose Moderate Vernon 2.5 - 3 hrs 6.4 km 475 m A popular local Vernon hike with great views of the Lavington Valley. Initial climb is quite steep!
Sugar Loaf Mtn. Moderate Vernon  3.5 hrs 6 km 350 m The Sugarloaf area was impacted by the White Rock Lake wildfire in 2021.   The accessibility and safety of the trailhead and the trail are currently unknown.
Ravine Edge Moderate Vernon  3.5 hrs 9 km 334 m A well signed trail through Fir and Cedar forests. An abundance of spring flowers and views of Monashees, Vernon, and Kalamalka Lake.
Camel's Hump Moderate Lumby 4 hrs 8 km 516 m The Hump is a 40 million year old volcanic core which features steep climbs and vistas of Creighton Valley and the south Monashees.
Cougar Canyon Moderate Vernon 4.5 hrs 7.5 km 387 m The Cougar Canyon hike is easily and quickly accessible from Vernon.   A hike of moderate difficulty offering excellent views from clifftops over the canyon and also towards Kalamalka Lake.   Generally easy hiking with a couple of steep and much more tricky sections.
Denison & Bonneau Lake Moderate Vernon 5 hrs 9.9 km 290 m Denison-Bonneau Provincial Park provides a unique opportunity for hikers to enjoy pristine sub-alpine lakes and vestiges of remaining old-growth forests in the Okanagan Highlands.
East Vernon Hill Moderate Vernon 3.75 hrs 10.8 km 640 m East Vernon Hill provides attractive views and a reasonably tough work out ascending some steep slopes within a short drive of the centre of Vernon.
King Edward Long Loop Trail Moderate Vernon 4.5 hrs 13.5 km 480 m Undulating, scenic loop trail on the Aberdeen plateau with extensive views over the plateau, to Kal Lake and towards the Monashees.  Note these are multi-use trails and are actively used by mountain bike cyclists.
King Edward Short Loop Trail Moderate Vernon 3.5 hrs 9 km 380 m Undulating, scenic loop trail on the Aberdeen plateau with extensive views over the plateau, to Kal Lake and towards the Monashees.  Note these are multi-use trails and are actively used by mountain bike cyclists.
Mt. Rose Swanson Moderate Armstrong 5 hrs 8.5 km 425 m

A delightful hike with a number of different loops that can yield hikes of varying lengths.  Generally wooded with nice views from the summit.  Bring bug repellent in season!

Oyama Lookout Moderate Oyama 4 hrs 10 km 413 m “The Oyama Lookout hike is an easy to moderate hike on the east side of the Okanagan Valley within a short drive of Vernon.   At the high point – the communications tower to the south of Vernon – enjoy great views of the Valley and north to Swan Lake, Silver Star, etc.”
Spectrum Lake Moderate Cherryville 5 hrs 14 km 325 m A Monashee Provincial Park hike along a well maintained trail through interior rainforest with occasional mountain views to a peaceful mountain lake surrounded by crags and peaks.
Tuktakamin Moderate Falkland 3.5 hrs 6.5 km 512 m  
Vidler Ridge Moderate Cherryville 5 hrs 11 km 600 m A steady but moderate ascent to an alpine ridge overlooking the surrounding Monashee valleys and peaks.
Enderby Cliffs Difficult Enderby 5 hrs 13 km 718 m This is a steady climb through trees and eventually to the top of a steep escarpment with views towards Vernon and Shuswap Lake.
Twin Lakes Difficult Cherryville 5 hrs 9 km 505 m The hike starts at 1500 m elevation and follows moderate grades through meadows leading to jade coloured lakes in an alpine bowl. 
Joss Mountain Difficult Cherryville 6.5 hrs 12 km 986 m Joss Mtn is a challenging hike in the Monashees with alpine ridges and open meadows to be enjoyed after a steep climb.   Recommended for experienced hikers.
Mt. Beaven Difficult Cherryville 5 - 6 hrs 8 Km 700 m The Mt Beaven hike is  short in distance but challenging with a steep ascent. Located in the Monashee mountain range, approximately 19km east of Cherryville.
Pinnacles Lake Difficult Cherryville 5 hrs 11.4 km 597 m This hike follows a steep river valley to an isolated mountain lake surrounded by the steep ridges of the Pinnacles. A very doable day hike to the lake and back for a fit hiker.
Shorts Creek Difficult Westside Road 4.5 hrs 10.1 km 576 m An attractive, moderately difficult hike off Westside Road with great views of Terrace Mountain and the Christie Falls area.
Vista Pass Difficult Cherryville 5 hrs 13.1 km 889 m This hike follows a creek until breaking into alpine. The summit ridge is a vantage point to the southern ramparts of the Monashees. 
Estekwalan Difficult &
Falkland 6 hrs 10 km 702 m This is a steep climb ultimately to a ridge with views of the Falkland Valley. The descent includes a very steep section using fixed ropes.
Eagle Pass Difficult &
Revelstoke 6 hrs 12 km 855 m The trail ends with a ridge scramble to the summit. The reward is a  panoramic view of Revelstoke National Park and the Monashees.   
Monashee Lake Difficult & Technical Cherryville 7 hrs 12.6 km 748 m Monashee Lake is a steep and technical hike which will reward you with a beautiful, isolated mountain lake and access to several possible add-ons to the surrounding ridges and peaks.
Tsuis  Difficult &
Cherryville 6 hrs 16.5 km 1170 m A steep alpine peak, Tsuis is a challenging and rewarding hike for experienced hikers with advanced technical hiking and route finding skills. 


Individual hikes are rated on a 'best fit' of hike time, distance, and elevation gain.
'Difficult & Technical' hikes feature one or more notably challenging aspects. 
Easy   1-5 hrs hiking (return); 1-12 km (return); 0-200m elevation gain
Moderate   3-6 hrs hiking (return); 5-12 km (return); 200-500m elevation gain
Difficult   5 -8 hrs hiking; 7-15 km return; 400-900m elevation gain
Difficult & Technical   6 + hrs hiking (return); 7+ km return; 750+m elevation gain.
Hikes include technical challenges such as ridge walks, rope assist, boulder slopes, lengthy and strenous inclines, and long distances.