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Hiking Book News

29 July 2018:  For many years we have proudly produced a hiking guide book, which we know many people have enjoyed.   The current edition is now out of print and the content must be updated due to changes over time, especially with road access – or lack thereof – to trailheads.

We regret that the hiking book is no longer available but the economics of book publishing are more difficult than they used to be for a club such as ours.   We hope to make trail guide information for both our hikes and bicycle routes available as a community resource on this web site over time and as volunteers within the club step forward.  Watch this space as we will update this section as plans firm up.

Hiking Trail and Trail Clearing Status

Use of this information is entirely at your own risk and the VOC accepts no liability whatsoever for your use of any trail information on this website.   VOC clears and flags trails to facilitate group hikes lead by a VOC member.   Hazards may exist on the trails and route finding skills and navigation aids such as a GPS and/or map and compass may be required.   You must assess your own ability and readiness to hike any trail mentioned on this website.

July 2018 Updates:

Trail access status as of late July 2018

The following VOC hikes are inaccessible due to forest service road washouts:

  • Short’s Creek Canyon Rim, accessed from Westside Road.   VOC is not aware of any forecast date to repair the washed out FSR.

  • The South Fork FSR off Highway 6, just east of Cherryville is washed out.  This has blocked the usual access route to Yeoward, Mt. Beaven, Pinnacle Lake, Vista Pass & Monashee Lake.  We will update when we learn of a firm repair date.  For current information on FSR road status please contact The Ministry of Forests and/or Rec Sites and Trails BC.

Road access to Camel’s Hump (near Lavington) is now re-open!

Trail clearing status as of late July 2018  

Cougar Canyon:  cleared and flagged

Blue Nose:  partially cleared, completion planned for summer 2018

Sugarloaf: cleared and flagged

Ravine Edge: – cleared and flagged. 

Tuktanamin: – cleared and flagged.

Estakwalin: – cleared and flagged.

Rose Swanson: – cleared

Denison Lake: – cleared and flagged

Twin Lakes: – cleared and flagged.  Some flagging added for the Lakeview Mtn summit add on but some route finding skills are necessary.

Tsuis: – lower end of trail brushed.

Camel’s Hump: – clear planned for late summer 2018

Vidler Ridge: – cleared and flagged.   Route finding skills are recommended as some of this hike is a route with little or no evidence of a trail on the ground.

Mt McPherson: – lower end of trail brushing planned for summer 2018

Mara Mountain: – clear planned for late summer 2018


  • Trail clearing may be suspended at any time due to extreme fire risk.

  • There is heavy logging on many FSR’s in our region.  If you travel on FSR’s during the work week use caution and an FSR frequency radio is recommended.