King Edward Long Loop Hike

Hiking Trail Information

Use of this information is entirely at your own risk and the VOC accepts no liability whatsoever for your use of any trail information on this website.   VOC clears and flags trails to facilitate group hikes lead by a VOC member.   Hazards may exist on the trails and route finding skills and navigation aids such as a GPS and/or map and compass may be required.   You must assess your own ability and readiness to hike any trail mentioned on this website.


King Edward Long Loop Hike Description

© Vernon Outdoors Club 2022

These attractive loop hikes are on the plateau just to the south of Kalamalka Provincial Park and the lake itself, quite close to the Ravine Edge hike.  Locally this upland area is known as the Aberdeen or King Edward Plateau depending on which maps you look at!

Two loop hikes are described here.  One 9km, one 13.5km.  The loops combine several multi-use trails created and maintained by members of the North Okanagan Cycling Society (NOCS).  They are well signed but be prepared for different sign formats as these are not VOC maintained trails.  You can find all the trails mentioned below on the Trail Forks app.

Trail Etiquette

These are multi-use trails and you well may meet other trail users including mountain bikers, trail runners and other hikers.  Be aware you may encounter cyclists, at times perhaps moving quickly.  As mentioned, don’t expect VOC signs or flagging.  Some “common sense” suggestions:

  • Keep your ears and eyes open, especially at sharp corners
  • Do your own fair share of yielding the right of way, it’s the polite thing to do.  Especially if you meet a flat-out trail runner or a cyclist on a steep and tricky section.  It’s much easier as a hiker to step aside!
  • Best not to hike these trails in a large group as it makes it difficult to merge with other trail users.  6-8 is a good max. size for any hiking group.  If your group is larger, simply split into two well separated units.

These trails are all shown on the  Trail Forks website and phone app. The trails are well signed; the new trails completed in 2020 and 2021 are noted below and are thanks to NOCS members , who did much of the construction.


  • A good spot for lunch is the viewpoint, which is maybe 3/4 km from start of Tombstone; there is a bench there with Kal Tire stickers on it.
  • Tombstone trail has an actual tombstone on it.


Hike distance                     13.5 km round trip                             Altitude gain                      480 m

Use of any information from the Vernon Outdoors Club is entirely at your own risk.


  • Hike back down the road, cross over the cattle guard and look for a single track signed on the right (Upper Teddy Bear’s Picnic). New in 2021.
  • Keep right onto Upper Ed Access Road (aka the King Edward Lake FSR).
  • Turn right onto Royal Ascent (watch for mountain small signs). New in 2021.
  • Left onto unnamed FSR.
  • Stay right onto My Crowning Achievement (aka MCA). New in fall 2020.
  • Right onto logging road, CJ Express.
  • Left onto Pally Gap for very short distance.
  • Right onto Tombstone. Note: there is a short distance on logging road at one point.
  • Left onto Teddy Bear’s Picnic.
  • This takes you to the top of Big Ed; those who know the VOC’s Ravine Edge hike should recognize this as the trail leading down to the hang gliding platform.
  • Follow the usual VOC Ravine Edge route back to your vehicle







Driving Directions – King Edward Long Trail Loop.

© Vernon Outdoors Club 2022

Use of this information is entirely at your own risk


  • Drive east from Vernon on Hwy. 6 towards Lumby.
  • At the traffic lights of Hwy. 6 and the 15th Street crossing, set your trip odometer to zero.
  • Drive east on Hwy. 6.
  • At 6.9km turn right onto King Edward Lake FSR, which is a gravel logging road. No sign, but Road Channel posted is RR-15.
  • At 11.0km (4.0km on the K.E.L. FSR) stay to the right.
  • At 15.5km stay to the right.
  • At 16.0km (9.1km on the K.E.L. FSR) turn right onto the C.J.  Express FSR.
  • At 16.6km, just past a small stream, you will see the VOC Ravine Edge trailhead sign on the right. Continue 100m uphill to a parking area.