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Calendars can be printed in two different layouts, Month or Agenda, which are found at top right corner of the calendar.

The 'Month' view will print each month individually. The 'Agenda' view will print a simple list of events. Clicking the "Look for more" link will extend the list of events to a future date.

Notes for Wednesday Evening Social Outings

  • VOC requirements for membership and liability apply for all participants.  You must be a paid up member (or, in exceptional circumstances, have signed a guest form and paid a $5.00 guest fee) to attend VOC social events.
  • Activities may be modified without notice, based on interest, availability, skill level, weather, scheduling or other conflicts.
  • Dates are intended to avoid long weekends and adjacent weekdays because of the potential for scheduling conflicts.
  • Activities are intended to facilitate exploring the various recreational spots within easy evening access of Vernon and include a chance to meet, eat and chat before, during and/or after the activity. 
  • Unless stated otherwise, participants are expected to be relatively fit and at the intermediate level of ability for the chosen activity unless otherwise posted.
  • Early 5:30 pm start time in May/June and late August will optimize use of remaining daylight and allow for casual meet and greet potluck barbecue afterwards (sunset approximately 7:00 -7:30 pm). PLEASE NOTE that participants should bring their own headlamp in case the activity runs later than anticipated.
  • Participation in individual events should be confirmed in advance (at least 24 Hrs beforehand) to VERIFY nature and location of activity, and assist in planning and organization. (If sufficient interest, a visit to local eateries and watering holes may be suitable alternative if inclement weather or other issues force a change of venue).
  • A limited amount of equipment may be available through club members, but in general proper gear is the responsibility of individual participants.
  • If it is raining we will skip the activity and go to a decided upon pub or restaurant for appies/dinner.
  • Contact for activities is: Barry Kwong
    • e-mail: barrykwong76@gmaiil.com  
    • Cell/Text: 403-993-0567