Sugarloaf Mountain Hike

Hiking Trail Information

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Sugarloaf Mountain Hike Description

© Vernon Outdoors Club 2020


Hike distance                     6 km round trip                                 Altitude gain                      350 m

Hiking time                         3 – 3.5  hrs round trip                     Max altitude                      1275m

Govt of Canada topo map  82 L/3 & 82 L/4                             Difficulty                              Moderate

This forested hiking trail starts up an old skid road.   Orange diamond trail markers were installed by VOC volunteers in 2020 to make the trail easy to follow.

At the top of the first steep pitch the trail forks, and you now have come to the loop portion of the trail. Going to the right is the steeper ascent to the top, while going left is a more gradual ascent. At the top of Sugarloaf Mountain there are two good viewpoints. The main viewpoint is looking south over Okanagan Lake towards Fintry. The other viewpoint looks west over the Whiteman Creek valley.

Once you complete the loop, return back to your car by the way you came. A variety of wildflowers will show themselves in May.

Note: Use of these directions is entirely at the risk of the user.





Driving Directions to the Sugarloaf Mountain Trailhead from Vernon

© Vernon Outdoors Club 2020

Note: Use these directions entirely at your own risk

  1. From Vernon drive North on Hwy. 97.
  2. Just past Swan Lake, take turn-off to Kamloops.
  3. Just past O’Keefe Ranch turn left onto Westside Road and set trip odometer to zero.
  4. Just before 24km, turn right on a paved road to a waste transfer site and reset trip odometer to zero.
  5. After 250m the pavements ends. Continue onto gravel road.
  6. At 1.6km and 1.9 km stay left.
  7. At 2.7km is the start of a switchback.
  8. At 3.7km find trail head on the left.  Look for the sign!

The gravel road is fairly rough. High clearance SUV or 4x4 with appropriate tires recommended.

Last updated June 2020