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Tsuis Hike Description

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Hike distance                     16 km round trip                              Altitude gain                      1079 m

Hiking time                         6.0  hrs round trip                           Max altitude                       2485m

                                                                                                    Difficulty                             Difficult & Technical

Tsuius is a free standing peak with rugged and steep terrain.  It starts with a long drive from Vernon down gravel logging roads.  This is the most challenging hike usually attempted by the VOC due the combination of its length, complex “technical” terrain and altitude gain. Knowledge & experience of alpine skills and route finding are required.   Depending on snow conditions using crampons and roping may be advisable on the snowfields. 

The trail head – as shown on the map – is located near the Monashee Powder Cats Lodge.   Please park in the public area and it’s polite to check in with the caretaker to make sure you have parked in a good location.  The trailhead can be hard to find in fast growing brush.  It starts behind the white fuel tanks close to the lodge.   If you end up at the Lodge’s water intake you’ve missed it!  The hike involves traversing multiple boulder slides and long, steep slopes.  As you ascend the trail transitions to a route as it becomes increasingly difficult to follow on the ground.  The ridge to the summit is steep and narrow and those with vertigo or a fear of heights may find it difficult.  The routes shown on the accompanying map are routes – not clearly defined trails. 

Those who go part way will still find this a rewarding hike.  Two different lakes can be visited and the observation point shown on the hike map at the 2320m contour is an excellent stopping point for anyone who does not want to tackle the steep summit section.

Use of this hike description is entirely at your own risk. 


Tsuius_Mountain_TrailTsuius_Mountain_Trail DOWNLOAD MAP


Driving Directions – Tsuis.

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  1. Drive east from Vernon on BC highway 6 for 53km.  Turn left at Franks Store and Gas Station in Cherryville onto Sugar Lake Rd.  This is your last chance for supplies, snacks, fuel and indoor toilets!  Note:  you will lose cell phone service shortly after this point as you drive along Sugar Lake Rd.
  2. Drive on the paved section of Sugar Lake Rd for 16km and cross the bridge at the south end of Sugar Lake.
  3.  Continue on the gravel surface of the Sugar Lake Forest Service Rd for just over 49km.
  4. At this point you will have crossed a bridge, ascended an incline and come to a Y junction.
  5. Take the left fork of the Y.
  6. Continue another 8.6km and you will arrive at the Monashee Power Cats Lodge.  Turn right about 200m before the lodge to approach the parking area and the trail head, about 190m in.


Road conditions:  4WD with heavy duty tires suitable for extended driving on gravel roads recommended.

Use of these directions is entirely at your own risk.