Tuktakamin Hike

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Tuktakamin Hike Description

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Hike distance                     6.5 km round trip                             Altitude gain                      512 m

Hiking time                         3.5  hrs round trip                            Max altitude                      1755m

Govt of Canada topo map  82 L/5                                              Difficulty                            Moderate

This trail accesses an old forest service lookout , forested trail for the most part . The lookout is an active communications site. Some of the trail has steep sections and passes through logged areas. There are several view points.

Tuktakamin Mountain is the high point on the long ridge which forms the south side of the Salmon River Valley at Falkland. As much of the high elevation at Tuk is exposed and windy, dress in layers for warmth and rain. There are a number of communication towers on the summit which can be seen for the highway as you approach Falkland and from Vernon. The south trailhead begins in a young tree plantation where there is room for parking. The hiking trail follows up a ridge, winding its way to the tower. There is no distinguishable trail, so just follow the ridge. The summit affords views of the surrounding country in all directions. In early spring, there is a profusion of wildflowers. If you wish to continue and do a round trip, follow the ridge approximately 300-400 metres down the hill in a South, SW direction until you come back to the gravel road. Look for a trail sign on your left. Follow the ribbons until you get back to the gravel road. Look for a trail sign on your left. Again, follow the ribbons which traverse along the ridge. The trail will keep turning right in a NW direction to lead you back to the main road and your vehicle.


  1. Use these directions at your own risk
  2. Updated fall 2020:  This trail has not been cleared or flagged by the VOC for 2 years.   Be prepared for some bushwacking and route finding as flagging may be missing in sections.





Driving Directions to the Tuktakamin Mtn Trailhead (Falkland Area)

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Note:  Use these directions at your own risk


  • To reach the hiking trail from Vernon, drive north on Highway 97 to Falkland and continue on through the village towards Westwold. At 12.9 km beyond the Falkland Stampede Grounds, on the left (Ingram Forest Service Road), a large sign points the way to Pinaus Lake.
  • Take this turn left and reset your odometer to zero as you turn onto the FSR.  It is now 18.7km to the trail head.
  • At 7.2 km stay to the left
  • At 8.8 km stay to the left
  • At 12.4 km stay left
  • At 13 km stay left
  • 13.4 km stay right
  • 14.7 km stay left
  • 15.2 km stay right from here the road noticeably degrades in quality and can be muddy
  • Stay to the main road till 18.2 km.  Parking is easiest where Tuk Rd meets a deactivated logging road on your right that leads into a clear cut.   Park at the intersection of the two roads and walk 0.5km further up Tuk Rd and you will find the trailhead on your left.



For your return journey


  • Again, zero your odometer as you leave the parking area
  • At 4.2km keep left at the junction
  • At 5.2km keep right
  • At 11km you will merge onto Ingram FSR


Last updated June 2021