DSCF1964DSCF1964 Who we are

Vernon Outdoors Club is run by members for members. Each year at the annual general meeting in March,  members are elected to the club executive to run the club and organize club activities on behalf of the members. The executive consists of a president, vice president, past president, secretary, treasurer and up to 8 directors. Each club activity has a coordinator and often a team of members to plan and organize the associated club activities. These roles provide an excellent way of contributing to the ongoing success of the Vernon Outdoors Club.





President: Rudi Van Zwaaij

Vice President: Deb Thrall

Treasurer: Doug Neden

Secretary: Barry Kwong

Current Directors: Janet Blakeborough, Matthias Gohl, Rick Thrall, Diana French

New Directors: Viv Allen

Registrar: Viv Allen

Short Cycle Ride Coordinator: Vacant

Long Cycle Ride Coordinator: Hugh Hamilton

Chilliwack Hike Camp Committee: Laurie Cole, Al Dukart, Diana French, Viv Allen, Deb Thrall

Oliver Bike Camp Committee: Jane Nielsen, Janet Blakeborough, Lynn Young, Jan van de Vyvere

Snowshoe Coordinator(s) : Sue Ghattas, Debbie Tripp

Social Committee: Vacant

Sunday Hiking Coordinator(s): Hugh Seaton, Bill Dowedoff, Diana French

Ramble Coordinator(s): Debbie Thrall, Sue Ghattas

Trail Maintenance Coordinator: Al Watson

Website: Rose Harryman