Constitution and Bylaws (Revised March 23, 2021)


1. The name of the Society is the VERNON OUTDOORS CLUB

2. The purposes of the Society are: to promote safe hiking, orienteering, canoeing, cycling and other outdoor recreational activities.

3. To promote interest and enjoyment in these activities.

4. To be active in having outdoor areas and access to these areas preserved for the enjoyment of all.

5. The Vernon Outdoors Club is a Member Funded Society



1. Any person interested in hiking, cycling, snowshoeing or other outdoor activities may become a Member of the Club upon making application and paying prescribed dues.

2. Annual membership fees are due and payable on the first day of April of the current year. Members in good standing in the previous year will be given thirty(30) days grace before termination becomes effective.

3. A person will cease to be a Member for nonpayment of dues or by handing in their resignation.

4. A person may be expelled by a vote of the membership for actions deemed detrimental to the Club.

5. Every Member shall uphold the Constitution and comply with these Bylaws.


6. The Executive shall meet at the call of the Chair, or any two (2) Directors, as often as necessary to conduct the affairs of the Club.

7. The Executive or the President alone, at the request of at least ten percent (10%) of the membership, may call a Special General Meeting of the Club.

8. The Annual General Meeting will be held in the month of March.

9. The quorum for any General Meeting shall be twenty-five (25).

10. The quorum for any Executive meeting shall be five (5).

11. A Member in good standing is entitled to one (1) vote.

12. Voting is by show of hands except where requested by at least 10% of those present at the relevant meeting.

13. Voting by proxy is not permitted.

Executive and Directors

14. There shall be an Executive body of the Club composed of the following:

(a) President, Past President, Vice President, one Secretary, Treasurer, and a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of seven (7) Directors elected by show of hands at the Annual General Meeting. The term of office shall be until the next Annual General Meeting.

(b) Upon the untimely vacancy, or a position not filled at the Annual General Meeting, the Executive may appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.

(c) The Executive will appoint one member of the Executive to be the Club’s Privacy Officer.

15. The Executive shall have management of the affairs of the Cub, except where the Societies Act or these Bylaws require the affairs to be exercised by a General Meeting.

16. The President or the Executive may form as many committees as necessary to conduct the affairs of the Club. All committees shall report to the Executive. The Executive may at their discretion, remove or replace any Officer or Committee appointed by them.

17. Directors may be removed by passing suitable motions at a Special General Meeting called for this purpose, subject to the provisions for Special Resolutions laid down in sections twenty-nine (29) and thirty (30) of the Societies Act.

Duties of Officers

18. The President, or in his/her absence some other Officer chosen by the Executive, shall preside at all General and Executive meetings. The President shall supervise the other Officers in the execution of their duties. The President shall be an "ex-officio" member of all committees of the Club.

19. The Vice-President shall carry out the duties of the President during his/her absence.

20. The Directors shall do any reasonable duties as desired by the Executive.

21. The Secretary shall: (a) conduct the correspondence of the Club (b) issue notices of meetings of the Club (c) keep minutes of all meetings of the Club and Executive (d) have custody of all records and documents of the Club, except those required to be kept by the Treasurer. (e) have custody of the common seal of the Club, and (f) maintain the Register of Members.

22. The Treasurer shall: (a) keep such financial records, including books of account, as are necessary to comply with the Societies Act, and (b) render such financial statements to the Executive, Members and others when required.


23. The annual dues for membership in the Club are those set out at the Annual General Meeting.


24. There shall be three (3) signing officers, one of which shall be the Treasurer.

25. Any two signing officers may jointly make expenditures of up to $3000. Should an expenditure in excess of $3,000 be required, the Board may, subject to a majority vote approving the expenditure, authorize that expenditure up to $5,000, and that authorization shall be reported to the general membership at the first opportunity thereafter. All other expenditures must be approved by the general membership.

Borrowing Powers

26. The Club shall not borrow or incur any liability in excess of any cash monies on hand or in the bank, without the approval and sanction of a Special Resolution of the Club Members.

Amendments to the Bylaws

27. These Bylaws may be amended by a Special Resolution of the Club.

28. Notice of motion of Special Resolution must be circulated at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the General Meeting at which the resolution shall be debated.

29. Special Resolutions must be passed with a three-quarter (3/4) majority of the votes cast.


30. No elected Officer of the Club will receive remuneration for service in office. Authorized expenses, however, shall be paid.

Fiscal Year

31. The fiscal year of the Club shall be from 1 April to 31 March.


32. As the club is completely volunteer operated, all members are expected to assist in the club’s operations in some manner.