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Calendars can be printed in two different layouts, Month or Agenda, which are found at top right corner of the calendar.

The 'Month' view will print each month individually. The 'Agenda' view will print a simple list of events. Clicking the "Look for more" link will extend the list of events to a future date.

Important Notice

Participants must adhere to the Start-up Guidelines in effect July 5, 2020.

Ramble Footnotes

  • Hike times and distances are for ROUND or hike there and back trips.
  • Travel time or driving time is ONE WAY from Vernon.
  • All times and distances are 'rough' estimates.
  • Regular meeting place is the north end of the Vernon Curling Club parking lot located at 3400 39th Ave. near the downtown Recreation Complex. Alternative meeting places are described in the Notes section of the Event Detail Page when you click on the event Destination.
  • Please attend announcements at meeting place to make sure you do not miss last minute changes. Notify the leader in advance if you will not be going to the meeting place.
  • "DEPARTURE TIME" is the time we leave the meeting place. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the Departure time.
  • Rambles are generally at an easier level and slower pace than Sunday Hikes. Moderate and strenuous hikes include greater elevation gain along slightly steep paths. Please see Ratings key located below.
  • Participating members are responsible to ensure they have adequate water, food, and clothing for expected AND unexpected conditions.
  • Above-the-ankle hiking boots REQUIRED for ALL Rambles!

Ramble Rating Key

Ramble ratings are composed of two parts. Alpha character indicates estimated time required to complete round trip or total hike. Numerical character indicates degree of physical difficulty and hiking skill required. NOTE: if you are unsure if a Ramble is suitable for your abilities please contact the leader for more information.

Hiking Time

A = 3 to less than 4 hrs

B = 4 to less than 5 hrs

C = 5 hrs or more


1 = Easy (Less than 150m elevation gain)

2 = Moderate (150 to 300m)

3 = Strenuous (over 300m)