Eagle Pass Mountain Lookout Hike

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Eagle Pass Mountain Hike Description

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Hike distance                     12km round trip                                Altitude gain                      855m

Hiking time                         5.5  hrs round trip                            Max altitude                      2350m

Govt of Canada topo map 82 M/2 Perry River                         Difficulty                              Difficult

This hike offers fabulous views of mountain peaks all around you with the added attractions of a restored Dominion Government fire lookout building that was originally built in 1922.   The trail partly follows the old packhorse route that was used to supply the fire lookout operation.   The packhorse trail originally started in the Eagle Valley bottom as no forest service roads existed at that time.

The summit of the trail is quite high at 2350m.   Bring appropriate equipment, clothing and supplies.   At the time of writing the lookout building could be used as an emergency shelter in case of emergency. 

As you drive into the parking lot the trail heads into the trees on your right, next to the pit toilet.  The initial 1.5km (approx.) is through forest and you will then reach an open bowl with a creek.  At this point the trail forks with a sign (standing at time of writing) to Twin Lakes on the left fork.    Take the right fork for Eagle Pass Mountain and the Lookout.  After this point you are generally out of the trees.

The trail ascends steadily and works its way to your right (roughly NE) to the steep slope below the lookout building.  The trail is marked with numerous small rock cairns and there may be flagging tape left by various hiking clubs who use the trail.  Just below the steep climb to the lookout is a bench area with spectacular views all around.  Be aware of the cliffs!  This bench area is a great stopping point for those who do not like the look of the final ascent.

The last 300m of the trail up to the lookout is quite technical and may require some light scrambling.   The trail zig zags up the steep slope behind the bench, immediately to the left of cliff. The slopes are steep and the trail surface is slippery if wet.   Proceed with caution and do not go beyond your own point of comfort that you can handle the conditions.  There may be a fixed rope to assist you at the steepest point, use caution as this rope is not maintained and any use is entirely at your own risk.  The views on a good day are stunning, enjoy.  You can explore the ridge also past the lookout if so inclined.

Update 09/22: The lookout building has been destroyed by fire and cannot be used as an emergency shelter any more.

Note: use of these directions is entirely at the risk of the user.






Driving Directions – Eagle Pass Lookout.  Updated 3 Oct 2022

  1. From Vernon drive north to Sicamous
  2. At the intersection of 97C and highway 1 in Sicamous reset your trip odometer to zero.
  3. Drive east on highway 1 for 32km (this takes you past Malakwa) and turn left onto Crazy Creek FSR.  Steep uphill exit.
  4. Reset your trip odo to zero as you enter Crazy Creek FSR
  5. At 3.6km bear right
  6. At 4.4km bear left
  7. At 5.1 km keep right
  8. At 6.1km bear left
  9. At 6.7km keep right
  10. At 7.4km keep right
  11. At 8.6km keep left, signed BR400 and old signpost for Eagle Pass trail.
  12. Trailhead at 13.8km, road dead ends


Road conditions:  High clearance 4WD is mandatory as the last 4km has moderately deep water bars, water damage and exposed rocks.   A Subaru Forester SUV “barely made it” in September 2022 due to continued road erosion, although the brush overgrowing the road has been cleared by Rec Sites and Trail BC.  Otherwise FSR conditions are moderate.