Twin Lakes Hike

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Twin Lakes Hike Description

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Hike distance                     9  km round trip                               Altitude gain                      505m

Hiking time                         5    hrs round trip                            Max altitude                      2,200 m

Govt of Canada topo map 82 L/8                                               Difficulty                              Difficult

Twin Lakes is a more moderate hike in the difficult category that takes you through alpine meadows to the beautiful, green-blue lakes set in a bowl, surrounded by some of the majestic peaks of the Monashee Mountains.

At the parking area you will find the trail head and sign on your left. In summer weekends you may find that the parking area is full, and you may be forced to tuck your vehicle into the bushes on the side of the access road. Upgrades to the parking area and trail signage are planned in the near future.

The trail climbs steeply through a forested area towards a small ridge where there is the first viewpoint, and good opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery of the Monashee Mountains. From the ridge the trail descends steeply down to the alpine meadows below. Take care descending this short section of steep trail, as the ground underfoot is eroded and can be slippery, especially when wet.  From the meadow the trail climbs more gently heading roughly east. A great spot to visit in wildflower season from mid-July to mid-August.

Follow the trail for about 3km through a bowl of sub-alpine forests, after which you will reach the top of the ridge, shortly below which you will see the Twin Lakes. Continue to the lakes to explore and have a well-earned rest before returning the same way.

Lakeview Mountain Add On

The ascent of Lakeview Mountain offers a more technically challenging add-on to the moderate Twin Lakes hike.  Lakeview Mtn is the summit behind the Twin Lakes (roughly to the East) as you arrive at the lakes using the route described above.  The ascent starts by picking up the trail on the east-side of the lakes and climbing a boulder field that heads to the saddle between Lakeview Mtn and Boulder Mtn.  Use care when crossing the boulders as some of them are unstable.

At the saddle turn left (north) for Lakeview Mountain.   The ascent requires route finding skills and some gentle scrambling but it basically follows the ridge to the summit. At the summit enjoy the views all round of the Monashee peaks and valleys.  Continue north off the summit on the spine. You will   encounter a technical steep scrambled descend on loose blocky talus, and care is required to cross this safely down to a small saddle. Continue slightly uphill on the spine and after a few hundred meters drop off the ridge heading downhill in a westerly direction. Most of the route down is a fairly steep scramble after which you intersect the trail back to the parking lot.

The Lakeview Mtn add-on adds approximately 330m of ascent and 2km of distance depending on the exact route chosen.  The Lakeview add on is not recommended in poor visibility due to the need for route finding.

Note:  use of these directions is entirely at your own risk





Twin Lakes (Monashee) Driving Instructions

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  1. From Vernon drive East on Hwy. 6 towards Lumby.
  2. At the intersection of Hwy.6 and 15th Street in Vernon, set trip meter to zero.
  3. Continue East on Hwy.6 towards Cherryville.
  4. At 47.7km is Franks Store. Good for a bathroom break and last-minute supplies.
  5. Continue East on Hwy.6 for 3km and turn left on the North Fork Road.
  6. Follow the pavement until you have to make a 90 degree left turn.(not sure on the distance)
  7. About 1.5km down the road is the official start and zero km mark of the North Fork FSR. (radio freq. RR30)
  8. After 13km cross the Cherry creek bridge and continue to follow the main road to the trailhead past 24km.
  9. Caution: last 3km is rough with some exposed rocks and small waterbars. Take your time.