Vidler Ridge Hike

Hiking Trail Information

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Vidler Ridge Hike Description

© Vernon Outdoors Club 2020


Hike distance                     11km round trip                                Altitude gain                      600m

Hiking time                         5 hrs round trip                                 Max altitude                      2070m

Govt of Canada topo map 82 L/8 Mt Fosthall                            Difficulty                              Moderate

Vidler Ridge offers superb views of Monashee summits around you as well as vistas of nearby Sugar Mountain and Sugar Lake.    This is a hike to be enjoyed on a clear summer or early fall day to enjoy the views.

While this is thoroughly enjoyable trail with great views you may encounter navigation challenges when hiking the trail for the first time due to the increasing number of new trails being cut over the ridge in various directions by ATV riders.    In wet weather be prepared for mud in the low areas of the trail.  Use of a GPS capable device and appropriate GPS enabled maps from Backroads maps or similar may prove very helpful or bring a topo map and compass.

After an initial climb to the NE from the trailhead the general direction of the trail is in a NW direction along the shoulder of the ridge.  As you approach the shoulder of the ridge you will have great views across to the Monashee summits and down into the valley containing Rottacker Lake Recreation Site.  

After approx. 2.5 km of hiking the trail will descend for about 500m before approaching the summit.   If in doubt keep to the right while being mindful that the relatively level summit area ends in a steep drop to the valley!  The trail then climbs above the treeline and provides breathtaking vistas in all directions.   The summit area has open meadows and rocky outcrops and is a great spot to visit in wildflower season.  

After reaching the summit you can continue north to end of the ridge and great views of Sugar Mountain, Goat Mountain and Twin Peaks.   Return the way you came.





Driving Directions – Vidler Ridge

© Vernon Outdoors Club 2020

  1. From Vernon drive approx. 50km east on highway 6 and turn left onto Sugar Lake Rd at Frank’s Store and Gas station. 
  2. Zero your trip odometer at Frank’s Store and Gas station.  Proceed along Sugar Lake Road.
  3. At 16.2km turn right onto Kate Creek FSR.   Zero your trip odometer.
  4. At 2.7km fork right onto Outlet Creek FSR.  Zero your trip odometer.
  5. At 9.3km you will cross Outlet Creek by bridge.  Immediately after the bridge bear left uphill.  Zero your trip odometer.
  6. Keep selecting the left fork at intersections.
  7. At 7.6km you will cross a very small creek that crosses the road in a culvert.  Bear right and uphill.
  8. You will reach the trailhead on the right at the 21km FSR distance marker.   You will see a steep ATV track leaving the FSR on your right.  There is room to turn and park opposite the trailhead.


Road conditions:  High clearance 4WD with good tires advised.   A washout is developing in the forest service road approximately 1.6km before the trailhead.   It is currently still passable (Sept 2022) but care should be taken.   If in doubt contact your local Rec Sites and Trails BC office for current information.