Vista Pass Hike

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Vista Pass Hike Description

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Hike distance                     9.4 km round trip                             Altitude gain                      682 m

Hiking time                         4.5-5.0  hrs round trip                     Max altitude                      2170m

Govt of Canada topo map  82 L/1                                              Difficulty                              Difficult

Vista Pass lies on the divide between watersheds that flow to the Okanagan Valley and to the Arrow Lakes.  The pass is at the south end of the landmark chain of peaks in the Monashees known as the Pinnacles.   You will enjoy great views of these peaks from the pass.

Now that the road has been extended in 2019, it cuts off about 3.7km of hiking on a return trip, compared to the old trailhead. This makes it much quicker to get onto the Pass and possibly allow for exploratory time around the summit.

From the end of the road drop down 200-300m until you find the trail along the creek. Turn left, or East, and follow the trail along the creek for about 2km, after which you enter the sub-alpine meadows. You are now in a col with a ridge on either side. The ridge to the left, or NE side, is an open alpine meadow and easily climbed to the ridge. The ridge provides an opportunity to wander around for about a kilometre and take in the breathtaking views of the Pinnacles to the North. Return through the meadow to the trail below, or explore some more.

Note: use this hike description at your own risk






Driving Directions to the Vista Pass Trailhead (Monashee Mountains)

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Note:  Use these directions at your own risk.

  1. From Vernon drive East on Hwy. 6 towards Lumby.
  2. At the intersection of Hwy.6 and 15th Street in Vernon, set trip meter (odometer) to zero.
  3. Continue East on Hwy.6 towards Cherryville.
  4. At 47.7km is Franks Store. Good for a bathroom break and last-minute supplies.
  5. Continue East on Hwy.6 for another 13.5 km and turn left onto the South Fork FSR (RR-30), and re-set trip meter to zero.
  6. At 16.1 km stay left (hiking trails sign).
  7. At 19.4 km take right turn to Pinnacles/Vista trailheads.
  8. At 23.7 km stay right.
  9. 24.0 km is end of road and trailhead. The main trail can be found below the road along the creek.

The South Fork FSR is a radio-controlled logging road during weekdays. The gravel road is passable for high clearance SUV’s or 4x4 vehicles. Note: timber harvesting is planned in 2020 or 2021 around the trailhead, which will require a new trailhead to be established once harvesting is completed. 

Last updated July 2020